Top 3+ Best Town Hall 8 Base Designs 

Use this base contrary to all kinds of troops or strikes and watch the effect yourself!

Most Useful TH8 HYBRID BASE WITH BOMB TOWER! ' Town-hall 8 Farming / Trophy Base

This Th8 hybrid with a effective defense plan might be applied as farming base being and a warfare base. The Core is shielded by Air Sweepers, Air shield and Mortars whereas the outer coating was designed to lure from the assaulting troops. The hidden Tesla's enhance this ability of defense inside this base. The walls are rather strong too protecting nicely against wall sockets. Air bombs, Giant boats and other creatures are placed sensibly through the region. This good town hall 8 base is quite demanding and when you're applying this at a league, then you're surely winning a few very nice Trophies!

3. New "UNBEATABLE" Town-hall 8 Base Design (CoC Th8) Most Useful Trophy Pushing Base 

This unique Th8 Trophy base is some thing which you may thank relating to after. The complex U-shaped design with powerful walls gets the fundamentals of the bottom quite robust and solid. Even the Clan Castle, Black Elixir and the town-hall positioned in the crux of the bottom at some point that's shielded by all types of defenses creates the bottom so powerful irrespective of what your enemy has intended, his troops ' are not living this!

Bomb Tower is just one of the strongest defense that some base can consume however, the requirement is that it needs to be put at the ideal location. This Th8 hybrid employs the Bomb Tower at the wisest manner possible.

As the Wizard Towers will there be to manage the outer coating of this bottom by Archer Tower and Mortars, the heart of the bottom is safeguarded from hidden Tesla, Air Defenses and warrior bombs. The enemy soldiers can try to be in but living the inner heart is whole yet another ballgame!